Thai Tattoos in Action

The Secrets of the Yantra Explained

I know a lot of you have been asking me about Thai tattoos recently and where to get one and how much and so on an so forth. Well it's time I answered you and we got all Sak Yant on this joint. So when I had my first one it was at Nakhon Chai Si in Thailand. At the time, after hours upon hours of waiting, there was a massive crowd of around 40 or so people what sat or stood there in almost total silence. This was out of respect for the monk that was doing the tattoo. He is famous and has these sorts of audiences admiring his work almost daily. So these Yantra tattoos as they are known among Thai people are actually put on by hand using a bamboo needle and are often based on intricate geometric patterns that are mixed with Buddhist Thai scripture and chanting of Buddhist prayers. They have various special properties or blessings such as protecting against evil spirits, having good luck in life and even being more attractive to the opposite sex.

This ancient art form of traditional thai tattoos has actually been around for a long time, around two thousand years to be frank. It originates from when warriors wanted some extra powers from the monks before heading into battle. Hence the increased strength and good fortune spells. It also says that you will be protected from evil use of black magic too, a massive bonus I'm sure you'll agree.

So back to my first Thai tattoo story - As you may remember, people were stood or sat watching this famous monk perform this awesome old art form together with the Buddhist chanting. So the choosing of the design is also of importance, and the monk will choose this based upon his assessment of your aura which I think is just awesome to excuse the pun. If you can put up with the pain of being repeatedly jabbed by the point of the bamboo stick as the ink is sunk into your flesh then you'll be just fine. After around 5 mintes or so I was in a dream like state and could no longer feel the eyes of the gazers around me. Also, letting the monk choose for you takes away the horrible job of choosing a design. A win win I think when it comes to getting your first Thai tattoo.
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